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Email Marketer FAQs

We have have been using Constant Contact to do emailings—can we move our list to Interspire Email Marketer?

Yes. It is very easy to import all your current email lists into Email Marketer using the Administrator page where you manage all your email campaigns.

Do you provide template customizing?

Absolutely. While Interspire Email Marketer has dozens of well designed templates that can be used, we understand the importance of branding and making your template design comatible with your other marketing materials.

How much does Interspire Email Marketer cost?

The software itself retails for $495 for a 1-User Edition, which we offer at $475. Since you own the software and there is no cost per email to send, Interspire Email Marketer pays for itself especially if you have a large list.

Does Email Marketer offer double opt-in?

Yes. Interspire Email Marketer has many options for setting up subscribers, including double-opt in.

Can Email Marketer send out weekly tips to subscribers automatically?

Yes. Email Marketer has the capability of creating Autoresponders, which are emails that will go out at a pre-determined number of hours, days or weeks after the recipient is added to the email list associated with the Autoresponder.

Do you provide hosting for Email Marketer?

Yes. We provide hosting for Interspire Email Marketer so we can easily set up your email system, test and have you up and running quickly.

I need to send out several thousand emails a day. Can Email Marketer support mass mailings?

Yes and no. Interspire is capable of sending out mass emailings, but many  hosting companies will not allow for than 500 emails per hour to be sent from a server. It is possible to have Email Marketer send out your emails through a third-party SMTP mail provider so mass email campaigns can be distributed over many servers for quick send outs.

Is it possible to personalize emails?

Yes. You will need a CSV data file with both email addresses and corresponding first and/or last names. The email template will need to include some simple data import code so each email will be personalized.

Can I preview my emails before sending them out?

Absolutely. Email Marketer has a preview feature where you can send your finished email to yourself or you can set up a “test” list so you can have others review before you send out the newsletter or email.

Do you provide Email Marketer training?

Yes, we can provide training.

I had someone install Interspire Email Marketer on our server, but it does not work. Can you help?

Yes, provided we can get full access via FTP to the server where Email Marketer has been installed. The cost for troubleshooting and configuring Email Marketer on your server will vary.

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